It’s High Time for NetEnt to Launch Robin Hood 2 Casino Slot

It’s High Time for NetEnt to Launch Robin Hood 2 Casino Slot

One of the best-known characters from the English folklore, Robin Hood has been the main character in countless movies, TV shows, and different games. This includes a number of casino slots with NetEnt’s Robin Hood slot being probably the most popular of the bunch.

With the full name Robin Hood Shifting Riches, the slot was published in 2011 and was a great success with the players at the time, introducing some interesting and fairly innovative features. Shifting reels, extra wilds, and free spins have made this game into a fairly popular release, but it was a long time ago. Times have changed, technologies have advanced, so is it about time for NetEnt to come up with a Robin Hood 2 slot sequel?

Plenty to Work With

The story of the green-cladded, highly skilled archer who stole from the rich to give to the poor certainly has a lot to offer. With their last release years ago, NetEnt explored only a few elements of this story, and they were limited by the technology they had at hand at the moment.

Nowadays, the company has access to technologies that could make the Robin Hood 2 slot a huge success with 3D graphics, engaging cut-scenes, and hugely entertaining bonus features. For example, archery tournaments where you progress through the rounds and increase your winnings. Or, a 3D feature where you steal the pouch full of gold and then try to avoid your enemies as you run along to distribute the gold to the needy.

This way, the game would be so much more than just another slot with some paylines and free spins, which has gotten somewhat old by this point. It would also be a great improvement on the original game, which was pretty sleek for its time but is having a hard time competing with modern-day slots already taking advantage of these superior technologies.

Jackpotcitycasino and Spin Palace

New Casino Slot to Get Excited About

Although there are new slots published practically every day it is the ones with well-known and relatable stories that really speak to us and NetEnt’s Robin Hood 2 would undoubtedly go into this category. There haven’t been any rumours about the company putting in the time to develop the game, but one can never know what might entice them to do so.

It would also be nice that, if this game is to be developed, for it to be premiered at JackpotCityCasino ( or Spin Palace Casino ( These are some of the more established brands in the online gambling industry and they’d be a perfect match for the Robin Hood 2 slot because they can certainly recognize the true value of the game.

Robin Hood Slot 2

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The slight issue with this, of course, is that both of these are Microgaming casinos, so they’d have to work out some sort of a special deal to make this happen. On the flip side, having a brand new NetEnt game introduced at a Microgaming casino should have a great impact with the players and it would almost guarantee Robin Hood 2 gets the attention it deserves. Lately, we’ve seen both casinos add Netent games so perhaps this idea is not too far-fetched.